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Marilyn Minter for Supreme

American Artist Marilyn Minter was born in 1948 in Louisiana and raised in Florida.

In the late 70's after pursuing her MFA at Syracuse University, Minter moved to NYC where she taught at a Catholic boys school and became mixed up with the NY club scene. These experiences influenced her return to the Art world and in 1989 she produced her first show, which was inspired by hardcore pornography. With harsh criticism from feminists, Minter pursued with her work binding imagery from porn videos and beauty advertisements.

In addition to her work with photography, Minter creates paintings which reflect a photo-realist method.

In 2006 Minter collaborated with Creative Time and bought ad space in Manhattan's gallery neighborhood of Chelsea. She hung four of her visually lush shoe images originally shot for fashion magazines, transcending the fashion ideal back to the human form, attempting to make the fashion image fresh and compelling.

Supreme will release a series of limited edition skateboard decks designed by Marilyn Minter. The series will consist of three decks designed by Ms. Minter.

Available at the NY and LA stores on April 10th and online April 17th.

Japan will release the project on April 12th.