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Popeye the Sailor is a fictional hero notable for appearing in comic strips and animated films. He was created by Elzie Crisler Segar and first appeared in the daily King Features comic strip Thimble Theatre. Popeye has now become the strip's title as well.

In 1941, with World War II becoming more of a source of concern in the United States, Popeye was enlisted into the U.S. Navy. Over the years, Popeye has become a icon amongst the U.S. Military branches of service, often represented in drawings on airplanes, helmets, garments and tattoo's.

This Winter, Supreme will release a capsule collection along with Popeye. The collection will consist of an M-65 Military Jacket, Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt and a T-Shirt and Beanie available in two colorways.

Available in-store and online December 16th. Available in Japan on December 18th.