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ANTIHERO is a skateboard company founded by Julien Stranger in San Francisco, California in 1995. At a time when some perceived skateboarding as "stale", ANTIHERO's approach was to go against everything else in the industry. In 1997 ANTIHERO released their first video "Fucktards", featuring Julien Stranger, John Cardiel, Bob Burnquist, Eric J and Sean Young. The video's raw aesthetic and approach to skateboarding has made it one of the most iconic videos of its time.

Not compromising its original intent for almost 20 years, ANTIHERO continues to create social commentary with its satirical graphics, while maintaining one of the most respected teams in skateboarding today.

Supreme has teamed up with ANTIHERO to produce a small collection. The group will consist of a Coaches Jacket, Zip-Up Sweatshirt, Football Top, Long Sleeve and S/S graphic T-Shirt, 5-Panel Hat, and Hobo Tool. The group will be offered along with four new original graphic T-Shirts for the Summer Delivery.

Available in-store NY, LA, London and online on June 12th.

Available in Japan in Japan on June 14th.