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Supreme®/UNDERCOVER/Public Enemy

Public Enemy is a pioneering American hip-hop group formed in 1986. The group is considered among the most influential hip-hop acts of all time, revered for its experimental sound and politically conscious lyricism.

Fear of a Black Planet — PE's third studio album — was released in 1990, and selected for preservation in the Library of Congress in 2005. The 20-track epic produced the anthemic single "Fight the Power". The record contains potent criticisms of white supremacy and the news media, while exploring organization and empowerment within the black community. Over 25 years later, Fear of a Black Planet remains urgent, ambitious, and disruptive.

Supreme has worked with UNDERCOVER and Public Enemy on a new collection for Spring 2018 featuring original album artwork from Public Enemy’s Fear Of A Black Planet.

Available in-store NY, Brooklyn, LA, London, Paris and online March 15th.

Available in Japan on March 17th.

*A portion of proceeds from the collection will be donated to the ACLU