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Gilbert & George/Supreme

Artists Gilbert Prousch (born 1943, Italy) and George Passmore (born 1942, Britain) met in 1967 while studying at St. Martin’s School of Art. The following year, they moved to the East London neighborhood in which they still reside. Gilbert & George do not consider themselves collaborators, but one artist. Their practice is rooted in sculpture and performance, yet — over five decades — it has evolved to encompass photography, drawing, painting and film. Gilbert & George’s work can be aggressive and, at times, controversial. “We want our art to bring out the bigot from inside the liberal and conversely to bring out the liberal from inside the bigot,” they state.

This Spring, Supreme has worked on a collection featuring works from Gilbert & George’s 27-piece series, 1984 Pictures. During the 1980s, Gilbert & George began applying bold color to the photographic assemblages they’d developed in the early 70s. These large-scale, grid-like photomontages confront issues of the human experience ranging from religion, race and corruption to illness, sex and death. The collection consists of two Hooded Sweatshirts, three T-Shirts and three Skateboards.

Available in-store NY, Brooklyn, LA, London, Paris and online March 21st.

Available in Japan on March 23rd.