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Supreme®/SOUTH2 WEST8

Founded in 2003, SOUTH2 WEST8 is a Japanese brand specializing in fishing. The company is based in Hokkaido, a region in northern Japan known for its pristine wilderness. Yet SOUTH2 WEST8’s name refers to the address of its flagship store in the nearby city of Sapporo.

Within the broader realm of fishing, SOUTH2 WEST8 places particular emphasis on Tenkara, a method of fly fishing popular in Hokkaido. Roughly translating to “From the sky,” or “From Heaven,” Tenkara is distinctive for its simple and intuitive approach to fly-fishing; its minimal rods utilize traditional Japanese hair burrs. SOUTH2 WEST8 approaches this historical practice with a sense of modern vibrancy, and develops its technical offerings with a bold creativity uncommon in the fishing world.

Supreme has worked with SOUTH2 WEST8 on a collection for Spring 2021. The collection consists of a River Trek Jacket, Bush Parka, Bush Vest, Fleece Jacket, River Trek Pant, Bush Pant, Belted Pant, L/S T-Shirt, Mesh Game Bag, Jungle Hat, Bush Balaclava, Bush Tulip Hat, and Tenkara Fishing Rod.

Available April 22nd.

Available in Japan April 24th.