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Supreme/Butthole Surfers

American rock band Butthole Surfers was founded by Gibby Haynes and Paul Leary, who met in college in San Antonio during the 1970s. After graduating, Haynes joined an accounting firm while Leary pursued an MBA. When Haynes was caught working on an alternative magazine at his day job, he and Leary decamped to Southern California. They formed Butthole Surfers in 1981. On the West Coast, the band found a fan in Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra, who released their debut EP on Alternative Tentacles in 1983.

Over four decades, Butthole Surfers have developed an experimental, darkly humorous sound that incorporates punk, psych, sludge metal, electronic noise and non-traditional instruments. Butthole Surfers are known for their chaotic live performances, absurd lyricism and self-designed album artwork.

This spring, Supreme has worked on a collection featuring imagery from Butthole Surfers’ self-titled EP, debut full-length album Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac, 1986’s Rembrandt Pussyhorse and its 1987 follow-up Locust Abortion Technician. The collection consists of a Shirt, Hooded Sweatshirt and four T-Shirts.

Available July 1st.

Available in Japan July 3rd.