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Missoni® is an Italian luxury house best known for its distinctive and vibrant knitwear. Missoni® began in a small knitwear studio opened by newly married couple Ottavio Missoni and Rosita Jelmini. Both Ottavio and Rosita came from garment backgrounds prior to establishing their company north of Milan. Ottavio began creating tracksuits for athletes competing in the 1948 Olympics in London, where he fi­rst met Rosita. Rosita’s family specialized in shawls and embroidery. Their knowledge of knitwear construction and machinery helped the young couple develop the innovative approach to lightweight knits that would become Missoni’s signature.

Although they designed as a couple, The New York Times reported, Ottavio “was the technician, plotting patterns that were inspired by Guatemalan, Aztec and Incan textiles or Abstract, Impressionist and Art Deco paintings. He designed on graph paper, mapping out shapes with startling combinations: primary colors that did battle with earth tones, and polka dots that chased whirling stripes through kaleidoscopic prisms. Mr. Missoni once wrote that he created a chromatic harmony by adding a third color to two clashing ones.” Rosita had the passion and vision for clothing design. Missoni® has since expanded into a global brand, spanning evening wear, swimwear, fragrances and furniture.

Supreme has worked with Missoni® on a new collection for Fall 2021. The collection consists of a Jacket, Sweater, Polo, Hooded Sweatshirt and Crusher.

Available November 18th.

Available in Japan November 20th.