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“Play Dead”

This Fall, Supreme will release “Play Dead,” its third full-length skateboard video.

“Play Dead” is directed by New York-based videographer William Strobeck. The video features Tyshawn Jones, Kader Sylla, Ben Kadow, Troy Gipson, Sully Cormier, Seven Strong, Kris Brown, Nik Stain, Auguste Bouznad, Caleb Barnett, Aidan Mackey, Rowan Zorilla, Vincent Touzery, Sean Pablo, Sage Elsesser, Beatrice Domond and Mark Gonzales.

“Play Dead” runs 53 minutes. Supreme has worked on a T-Shirt and Photobook, which documents the making of the video.

Available on December 1st.

Available in Japan on December 3rd.

“Play Dead” available on YouTube December 1st.