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Mark Leckey/Supreme

Turner Prize-winning British artist Mark Leckey was born in 1964 and grew up on the outskirts of Liverpool in a working-class family. At 15, Leckey left school, but later attended art college in Newcastle before moving to London in 1997. As a teenager, he came to identify with the Casuals – local factions of young soccer fanatics who sought out designer leisure and sportswear. “It was a kind of dressing up, a disguise,” Leckey has said of the Casuals, “a means of using style to transform yourself.”

Leckey’s early understanding of the power of image and shared experience deeply informs his artistic practice. Incorporating video, sculpture, sound, installation and performance, Leckey explores British culture through a distinctly emotional framework. His artworks have examined the relationships between youth, class, public space, popular media and technology, while considering the impacts of nostalgia and memory, both personal and collective.

In 1999, Leckey debuted his seminal video essay, Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore – a compilation of found footage chronicling British dance movements from the 1970s to 1990s. The film collages clips from discos, raves, and the emergent Northern soul scene, yet is united by an abstract, almost melancholic soundtrack. The work’s title, Leckey has said, posits that "something as trite and throwaway and exploitative as a jeans manufacturer can be taken by a group of people and made into something totemic, and powerful, and life-affirming."

Supreme has worked with Mark Leckey on a collection featuring images from Fiorucci Made Me HardcoreDream English Kid, 1964–1999 AD, and GreenScreenRefrigeratorAction. The collection includes two Jackets, L/S Shirt, two Pants, T-Shirt and Skateboard.

Available September 14th.

Available in Japan and Seoul September 16th.