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BLESS is an interdisciplinary design studio established by Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag in 1995. Based in Berlin and Paris, BLESS has honed an experimental approach to imagining clothing, accessories, furniture and objects for everyday life. BLESS often incorporates recycled textiles and materials, as well as employs unorthodox craft techniques in its development of functional design.

Heiss and Kaag first met in Paris as design students. Without having fully established their label, the pair placed an ad in i-D Magazine featuring a wig they’d created. Colette’s Sarah Andelman responded to the ad, as did a Maison Margiela PR. This lead to BLESS’s first product — the N°00 fur wig, made using vintage fur coats — which appeared in Maison Margiela’s FW97 runway show. Over the following decades, BLESS has released over 70 collections of forward-thinking clothing and objects, often encouraging active engagement among its consumers. These have included BLESS N°06, a package containing all of the materials to create a shoe; and BLESS N°57, a t-shirt made out of cardboard look-alike fabric.

An excerpt from Heiss and Kaag's 1996 manifesto:

"BLESS is found in magazines and can be contacted personally by phone.

Everything except sex is available by request.

BLESS is interactive — those that dare can take part in the permanent renewal of the BLESS world.

BLESS allows you to recognize needs at an early state.

BLESS works against mass individuality and its hidden dangers i.e. fashion overkill.

BLESS is a project that presents ideal and artistic values by products to the public.

BLESS is a visionary substitute to make the near future worth living for."

Supreme has worked with BLESS on a new collection for 2023. The collection consists of a Down Puffer Jacket, Sweatpant Jean, Crewneck, T-Shirt, Skateboard and mophie® Charging Cable.

BLESS will develop a new line of products with these materials, to be released in the future.

Available November 9th.

Available in Japan and Seoul November 11th.